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Successfully opened the cross-sectional exhibition of Paintings by Efthymis Argyratos and Sculpture by Teta

On Friday, 11/19/2021, the inauguration of the exhibition of Paintings by Efthymis Argyratos and Sculptures by Teta took place successfully, at the “Teta” Art Space.


Efthymis and Teta, two friends, talk through their Art, approach and examine the issue of identity, using different means, provoking, at the same time, each other. Painting and Sculpture coexist in a common dialogue.

Portraits of people through the prism of two artists with different paths, exploring modern man and his ability to wake up and re-tune.

Efthymis Argyratos, painting with modern digital media, creates compositions of anthropomorphic entities. These symbolic forms are not separate people, they are the inner image of the artist in various emotional manifestations.

Here, Art is used as a “doctor of the soul” and each work is a snapshot of self-psychoanalysis. The projects are a product of improvisation in order to maintain the authenticity of the project.

Teta, with her sculptures, focuses on man, his inner world, the space where he converses with himself, where he expresses his deepest thoughts, worries, his unspeakable feelings, in his most sincere moment, when he reveals its absolute truth.

The harmony in the conversation of the two artists is diffuse, as one work seems to be a natural continuation of the other and with the appropriate perspective, final creations are formed, which test the eye and spark the viewer’s interest.

Efthymis creates his works with painting gestures, which give the feeling of the intense mood to detach, to be released from the two dimensions, while the sculptures of Teta, as if jumping from the paintings, seem to invite the works of Efthymis to go in the world of three dimensions.


source: patrasevents.gr

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